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Mithos Yggdrasil ([personal profile] leafmealone) wrote2010-09-20 11:02 pm
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  • adopted a couple of months after Mithos got into camp, from a FREE KITTENS! post. Mithos took him home on a whim and raised him! he's a mature cat by now.

  • he didn't actually get a name until Genis insisted, because Mithos was trying to convince himself that psssh he wasn't attached to a pet. Logi is a name from Norse myth, to go with Symphonia's magical trend.

  • breed indeterminate. soft and fluffy and affectionate--though a bit scruffier than the photo above. also quite spoiled and fat and looooves treats.

  • smart! amazingly chill considering he lives with two game villains. gets out occasionally, but knows his way home.

  • at a couple of points he almost died as a kitten because Mithos crazyfunked and couldn't function, much less feed or water or change litter. Genis took care of Logi at those times. now that Richter and Mithos live together it is actually much more stable. PETS GET CONSISTENT CARE.

  • he's a fat kittybuffer and they pet him instead of talking about anything personal :')


  • yes that's a velociraptor. he's dachshund-sized and has his own collar and leash.

  • adopted ... less than a month ago? Ganymede made him by accident during the powerswitch post and let Mithos keep him.

  • his name is Cornflakes because for some reason all he eats is cornflakes. it's genius.

  • fairly tame, all things considered?! explores everywhere and climbs on everything. gets jittery and excite like a ferret. needs daily walks and sometimes intervention when he gets too interested in people's ankles. chitters at people he likes.

  • being trained not to nip/claw up furniture too hard :B sometimes tries to rassle Logi, but Logi can handle himself and DOMINATES WITH WEIGHT or just climbs up to a higher spot.

i don't even know anymore

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