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Mithos leaves no notes on his presents. All of them are handmade or cobbled together from bits and pieces. This is the first year he's actually cared enough to give gifts.

Genis - A scroll containing some new mana/spell manipulation techniques.

Lloyd - A portrait of Noishe on a piece of wood. It looks like pokerwork, though he actually burned it in with a spell.

Raine - A fairly detailed map of Aselia before the worlds were separated four thousand years ago, done from memory. It looks pretty different from the current map: some obsolete names, different shapes of continents, cities where there aren't any now, areas of forest and desert that have since disappeared, etc. Three spots on it are clearly marked, but unlabeled. :)

Vesperia cabin - TWO COOKIE BASKETS. Fruit and nut biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, shortbread, gingersnaps, orange thins. No one gets individual presents because it's not like he cares about any of you in particular or anything!!! ...one of the baskets is labeled 'FOR BA'UL' though.

Sera - A wooden cat about three inches high--kind of like this but rounder. It has a crude tree cut into the base.

Richter - A cookbook! It's all for fairly basic stuff, step-by-step instructions, diagrams. etc. FOOLPROOF.

Arche - A small, stylized tree brooch, made of silver wire wrapped around a wooden disc. A little bit like this.

Emil/Ratatosk - A green wool scarf, wrapped around a clay sculpture of a running Fenrir.

Ganymede - A cute, sort of doofy-looking dragon done in clay and paints.

hopefully I didn't forget anyone hau hau
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... judith is totally climbing up on the roof and dumping one of the baskets into Ba'ul's mouth omg