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Name: Mithos Yggdrasill. In child form he will introduce himself as Mithos; in adult form, Yggdrasill.

Age: OVER FOUR THOUSAND. Physically alternates between ~15 and ~mid-20s.

Height:Just barely under 5 feet! Also ~90 pounds. He is so small :( But he gets much taller and heaver when he ages up.

Eyes: Bright blue.

Hair: Blond.

Medical Info: Used to be half-elf/half-human. Evolved by means of a special, parastic Exsphere called a Cruxis Crystal into a type of inorganic being called an 'angel' or 'lifeless being.' His existence is tied entirely to the Crystal's powers

His body looks and functions almost exactly like a real one, but it's not--his original body was destroyed. It's not an illusion either, but it is basically made of magic, so it pings weirdly. He does have blood, internal organs, etc. like a regular person, but those are literally from body memory.

He can live pretty much forever by stopping his metabolism, alter his age/appearance/voice at will, doesn't need to eat or sleep anymore, and feels far less pain than a normal person. His senses and physical/magical strength are also many times greater than a regular human's.

Physical traits: Pointed ears, which show a little in Yggdrasil form but are usually covered by his hair. He can summon wings made of light. They are either bright pink shading to purple (normal) or rainbow-coloured (when he's pissed.)

Mithos has two forms! His regular body is shoutatastic, while his adult form Yggdrasil is, well, adult, with much longer hair and a godawful-looking white and gold bodysuit. In both forms, he has his Crystal and Key Crest embedded in his chest, but it's covered by his clothes in child form. It's strongly implied that he identifies his child's body as the only 'real' one, and the adult form is just a tool he uses to control his subordinates.

Both forms are fairly effeminate, and it's easy to mistake Mithos for a girl. Yggdrasil's voice is quite deep, though.

What's Okay To Mention: MOST THINGS BESIDES 'YOU'RE A VIDEO GAME CHARACTER.' We are cool for spoilers, since I took him from directly after his death and the rest of the cast has filled him in on the touchy/sketchy stuff that happened afterwards. That said, if you talk about his sister in the wrong circumstances, chances are high that he'll attack you.

Notes for the Psychics: Mithos is pretty crazy. There are spoilery essays re: his ~issues~ over here from when he first arrived in camp, and another set of huge ones here, after a year and a half of development.

For people who don't want to slog through that much reading:

* Mithos is still nuts and deeply broken on the inside.
* He is still obsessed with his sister and returning home to her.
* He is supremely bitter and has enormous guilt issues; he also equally enormous anger issues towards humans and elves. It takes a lot of luck, work and coincidence to break through that barrier and get him to look at people as people, though he is getting slightly better about it.
* He has very complicated feelings and justifications towards anyone who does make that breakthrough.
* He is more than four thousand years old but in many ways still has the mentality of a fifteen-year-old boy. This partly has to do with his Crystal trapping his mind and soul at a certain age, the same way it did his body.
* He is terrible at dealing with new feelings and complications entering his life, especially when they conflict with his long-held ideals; often his solution is to kill himself or run away.
* In canon, he states that given the chance to repeat his life, he would make the same choices and mistakes that he did all over again, without regrets. In camp, he has begun to regret.
* He still wants to die and has a gigantic martyr complex as well! It is impossible to talk him out of this, because in canon it's essential that he dies.
* ...underneath all the crazy, he's still a heroic idealist who wants to protect people and save the world. While deeply buried, this side of him hasn't disappeared entirely.

Abilities: Mithos is a prodigy--he's good at nearly everything he tries. And he's very old and knowledgeable. He also used to be able to wield the Eternal Sword and had pacts with all of the world's Summon Spirits, but he's lost control of those since. So he's not as powerful as he was back in the days of yore, but still a final boss.

He's a very strong magic swordsman! He's skilled with weapons--light single-handed blades are his specialty--can learn new ones easily, and can cast elemental spells. He has precise control over his magic, so he can also adapt it to a lot of other uses.

His Crystal amps his speed, senses and physical/magical abilities. It allows him to alter his body/age at will, fly with wings of light, and teleport. He can also cast light-based angelic spells, status effects, and illusions.

Mithos has a lot of medical/healing knowledge, but he cannot magically heal himself. It's the one kind of magic he isn't compatible with! It's also iffy on whether he can defend himself with barriers and the like, but this is a moot point because his fighting style is often kamikaze. If he fights by himself he does straight-up offense, almost no defense. If someone is helping him fight and he cares about them, he will sacrifice himself to protect them.

His Cruxis Crystal is also bonded to his soul, so he can retreat inside it, and if his body is destroyed it won't necessarily kill him.

Kissing/Hugging: Depends who you are and what the situation is! He detests physical contact except from certain people. Talk to me?

Fighting: SEE ABILITIES. He is a ridiculous twink. Not the strongest thing in camp, but still a powerhouse.

Shapeshifting/Bodyswapping/Spitting at/Stepping on: He will be PRETTY UPSET with all of these, so again, talk to me! I am cool with it usually, interventions may be arranged, etc.

Maim/Murder/Death: SURE. Note that if you want to kill him completely, you need to defeat him and smash his Crystal when his body vanishes.

--it's also possible to have the Cruxis Crystal absorb his soul and go berserk. There are two ways to do this: either beat him until he's incredibly weak and reduced to Crystal form, then don't destroy the Crystal, OR remove the gold Key Crest that's set around the Crystal. He'll turn into a mindlessly destructive monster. I WOULD PREFER NOT TO DO THIS, but I'm completely fine with anything else

Cooking: Yes! He is a fantastic cook.

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